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What is Estate Planning?

Facing one’s eventual mortality is not a pleasant subject, but it is one that should be broached before the inevitable occurs. That is because once you have left this earth, there is no time left to make out a Last Will and Testament, set up a trust, or help your family distribute your property and money. You need to do these things BEFORE health issues threaten you or your loved one.  The attorneys at the Falcone Law Firm have years of experience and we can give you the options you need to ensure your wishes are carried out after you die.

Some of the Estate Planning Services We Provide:

Last Will and Testament 

A will allows you to pass on your property according to your specific wishes. A properly drafted will is paramount to avoiding long, drawn-out litigation after you die.  Our firm will prepare, execute and store your will in the comfort of your home or in our offices.


This highly flexible and valuable document can do everything from help you or your loved one qualify for Medicaid, to  avoiding estate tax, or avoiding the expensive process of filing a will.  A Trust bypasses court involvement of your estate after you die (probate).  Your Trust can also leave money in Trust to a disabled child ( Special Needs Trust), or to your minor grandchildren!  You can leave assets in further Trust for your grown children as well to avoid creditor liens, bankruptcy issues and former spouses.  Knowing the proper Trust to prepare is why you need an experienced attorney to ensure that the trust you have is serving your needs and does not waste your money on a trust that does not follow your wishes or accomplish your estate planning goals.

Grandparents with grandkids
Power of attorney

Durable Power of Attorney

A properly executed Power of Attorney allows someone to sign your name on documents at your request or if you are incapacitated, in your best interests.  This is a powerful document that helps avoid the need for a guardianship of your loved one later and ensures that even if your loved one loses capacity, proper steps can be taken on their behalf. The Power of Attorney law changed June 2021, leaving a whole new form which must used.  The Falcone Law Firm keeps abreast of all the changes in the laws and we have all of the newest forms for its clients.

Health Care Proxy

A document whereby you name someone to make health care decisions for you if you can’t make them for yourself.

Disposition of Remains document

This is a legal document where you name someone to handle your remains after you die.  This is a valuable form that allows you to state your wishes (cremation or burial; location of funeral; special wishes) with the force of law. Also avoids family disputes over who will be making decisions about your remains after you pass.

Living Will

A document that expresses your wishes to your family in the event you are in a terminal situation that will lead to your passing.  It discusses artificial nutrition and hydration as well as life support and pain management wishes.

Medicaid Planning

Our firm prepares a custom plan for your family to ensure you can qualify for Medicaid if and when the time comes.  Some of the services we provide are:

  • Medicaid Applications
  • Medicaid Fair Hearing representation
  • Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts 

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